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○FT-03S : It is optional parts set for Mr.SUPER BOOTH COMPACT.
■Hood ■Mist guard ■Honeycomb filter ■Paper filters (5pcs) ■Paper filter cover ■Stand adoptor  ■Exhaust port guard
○To keep clean your work space, we storngly recommned you to replace some part like mist guards or hoods if it got dirt. This item is including almost all parts without fan and hose, so you can turn dirted Mr.COMPACT SUPER BOOTH into clean like as new.
○Usable for previous one, GT03 Mr.SUPER BOOTH.
If you already have GT03 Mr.SUPER BOOTH, you can make it more compact as well as FT03 Mr.SUPER BOOTH COMPACT because this item is adoptable with GT03 Mr.SUPER BOOTH. In addition, Even though previous one GT03's exhaust port is on side face, the exhaust port will be on the top side face, and the hoses' angle will be changeable to every side because the fan is rotated by 90 degrees to adopt this item.