The concept of Vance Accessories LED MODULE:
There has been a growing number of plastic modelling magazines and exhibitions showing LED illuminated plastic models.

Usually, in order to install a LED light, you will need to calculate electric power and solder the cables, which many plastic modelers are not familiar of. Technical knowledge and skills are needed to be able to install a LED, so it is often considered too difficult and challenging. Vance Accessories LED Modules are easy-to-setup; simply join the sockets together. All you have to think about is the positioning of the LED lightbulb, so you will not be put off by the complicated installation.

A good selection of LED lightbulbs and battery boxes will hopefully catch the hearts of the plastic modelers. It can be easily set-up even if it is your first time installing. Why not start creating illuminated plastic models?
Series Line-up:
VAL-01 1608 CHIP LED
Modularized 1608 CHIP LEDs are available in 3 colors. The CHIP LEDs are small, so they can be installed on different parts of plastic models with no fuss, even in the smallest gap. It has been specifically developed to be used on plastic models; it can release plenty of power although it is small in size.
Compared to the SHELL TYPE LEDs, CHIP LEDs emit light more openly. However, its use might be limited in comparison to the SHELL LEDs, so it is recommended to test both types in same color and see which type is more suited to your needs.
A shell shaped LED with outer diameter of 3mm has been modularized to make VAL-02 series. It can be easily installed by simply drilling with 3mm wide pin vice where you want to place the LED lightbulb. As this is more suited to be installed on the exterior of the plastic model than the CHIP LEDs, it has been decided that the color of the bulb should be clear, so that it would not spoil the overall appearance.
The way this SHELL LED lightbulb emits the light is different to the CHIP LED. It is highly recommended to try out both types and decide which one is more suitable.
VAL-03 Battery Box
LEDs are electric devices, therefore they require electric power. Battery box for CR1220 and CR2032 is an essential item if you are installing LED lighting. Simply put button batteries (available to purchase in your local supermarket or DIY centers), and join the sockets of the battery box and LED lightbulb.
Both types have strong illuminating power, however they have slightly different characteristics. The diameter of CR1220 is 12.5mm; it is small yet releases sufficient power. However, in comparison to larger battery boxes, the battery does not last long. On the other hand, CR2032 has a diameter of 20mm, and it is larger than CR1220, so it has more illuminating power.

The difference in power is noticeable when they are lit up. If there is enough space to place the battery box on your plastic model or if you are lighting up for a long period, CR2032 is highly recommended.
VAL-04 extension cable
If the length of the cable of battery box and LED lightbulb is not long enough, use VAL-04 extension cable. The cable can be extended by 200mm.Use the 3 branch cable if you are connecting more than one LED lighting.

The estimated battery life of VAL-04B 3 branch cable can be found out in LED module specification.
It is possible to connect more than 4 LED lightbulbs, however the connectivity and lighting power can decrease.
LED Modules are small, so if stored without packaging, it can be easily damaged. The product information is shown clearly on the packaging, so there is no need to take out the product out of the packaging.
Connection Method
When connecting each module, join the sides which are marked in red. The socket ends are protected with rubber, so the lead will not be damaged.
The lead and socket are soldered together, so it cannot be separated easily, however be careful when handling the wire as it can be disconnected. It is best to carefully hold the socket part with your fingers.

How to install and place LED Module on your plastic model
LED modules can be lit up quickly and easily - simply by connecting to the battery. The difficult part of the installation is the positioning of the LED lightbulb.
If you are looking for a lightbulb to light up only in a small area, use VAL-01 chip LED. Its dimension is only 1.6mm x 0.8mm, so it can be placed even in the smallest gap. This time, a hole has been engraved on the wing of the plastic model. The tip of the wings is clear, so cover the light-emitting section with masking tape, and paint around in black. By doing this, it is possible to have light-up tips on both sides of the wings.
You can also use VAL-01 chip LED as headlight. Take advantage of the size of this product, it can be positioned under the clear part, shown in the photo beside. The light emitting section should be masked off then colored in.
If you would like the console to have strong lighting power, VAL-02 would be most suited. To light-up evenly, cover the inside of the console with an aluminum tape. Although the aluminum tape conducts electricity, it is safe to use as the joints of the wire are protected.
Batteries and switch should be comparted inside the weapon bay for easier access to the on/off switch and replacement of the batteries. The cover is secured with a magnet, so it can be easily opened and closed. The battery and switch are conjoined, so there is no need to do any extra wiring and connecting. CR2032 battery for VAL-03B can last long time however as we are lighting up couple of bulbs, we have put in 2 batteries.
There is absolutely no need to solder any wire when installing. Simply match the red markings and connect. If the wire is not long enough, use the extension wire. If you are installing 2-3 lightbulbs, use 3 branch cable.